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Author feedback surveys for increased book sales

See how authors sell more books by using Helpfull to test their titles, book-cover art and more!

Creative success doesn’t happen in a vacuum - it’s a collaborative effort

Getting author feedback is how writers develop their work with their audiences in order to create a better product.

Even the lone writer gets outside feedback on their work. The work of a professional author often passes through multiple sets of hands before it is put to print: editors, fact-checkers, publishers. 

Authors can save time, money, and headache by choosing to focus test their ideas with a general audience. You always create your best work when you are able to incorporate meaningful, productive critique into your designs.

Author feedback surveys for increased book sales

For writers that cater to niche demographics, a targeted survey can uncover powerful insights into the minds of your audiences. With Helpfull, users can choose to refine their audiences along the lines of shared demographic traits such as:


No matter who your audience is, or what their taste in media looks like - the Helpfull community has you covered. Our diverse community is composed of thousands of unique individuals all across the United States. Hundreds of real people are waiting and eager to give you feedback on your latest work. Don’t leave them out of your creative process - get some help!

Real-time feedback for authors

Real-time feedback for authors

Helpfull’s platform utilizes instant surveying to provide its users with their test results in real time.

Watch your new insights roll in as the community responds to your survey. From the moment you submit your survey, you’ll have real audience members weighing in on your creative designs.

Getting instant feedback allows authors and creatives the ability to incorporate critique on the fly. For those of us who work under serious deadlines, we can’t always wait hours or days to receive the community help that we need; with Helpfull, the average survey is completed in just 18 minutes.

Creating a book title that sells

Utilizing Helpfull’s instant surveying capabilities, aspiring authors and seasoned literary veterans alike can receive immediate feedback on their title ideas. Like a fine work of art, a title must sometimes undergo intense scrutiny and many changes before we can truly be satisfied with it’s perfection.

When choosing a book title, we must take heed to remember: the titles are not for us - they’re for your audiences. When you're looking to gather sentiment on the merits of your creative design choices, you can’t look internally - you have to get outside critique.

Creating a book title that sells

Turning to friends and family for feedback often only generates biased critique. You cannot rely on unqualified relatives to help you develop your creative works.

An impartial community of strangers can give you the positive critique you need while keeping it constructive.

Our Helpfull pollsters are invested in your success, and are ready to give you the guidance you need to develop a stunning title for your next novel.

A/B Test Your Next Bestseller Now!

When work-shopping your novel ideas, getting outside feedback and critique is absolutely crucial in ensuring the final product is going to sell. Getting unbiased consumer critique is the best practice for developing your designs; with Helpfull, getting that considered feedback has never been easier. There is no better audience to test your ideas for than an audience of real consumers - consumers who very well look to purchase your novel in the future.

An intuitive user-interface, coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes, are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any artist, designer, or marketer.

Sign up with Helpfull today - start getting feedback on your designs in just minutes!

Book cover design testing

Book cover design testing

Are your visual artistry skills not where you’d like them to be?

Do you lack the budget to hire a professional cover artist?

Any one of us could take a look at any current best-seller list and point out several examples of competent, effective cover design - but do you really have what it takes to design a cover for your next novel?

With just a few key tips and the backing of the Helpfull community, any author or writer can develop attention-grabbing graphic designs for their work.

Users can draw from a variety of unique surveying solutions to develop their latest cover design iterations:

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A/B split testing
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Audience sentiment
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Copy editing
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Content review

Types of author feedback questions

Surveys are a unique, flexible tool that offers authors a chance to get the data they need to fully develop their creative aspirations.

At Helpfull, we take a carefully curated approach when it comes to developing our survey platform. We’ve tried and tested a variety of surveying solutions made for authors (by authors) to figure out how best writers can utilize these techniques to better their work. 

After viewing what we felt were the most commonly experienced grievances inside of the writing community, we developed a series of feedback questions authors should be asking themselves when developing their research survey:

Which elements of my novel am I prepared to test?
Story Endings
Who are my audiences?
What are their demographics (age, gender, income level)?
What do their reading habits look like?
Where are people going to be reading my work?
Will you be selling your novel in brick & mortar stores?
Will your work be available digitally?
On what online platforms are readers able to find your work?
Am I ready to publish?
Is my work free of mistakes?
Does my title do an acceptable job of selling my work?
(If writing nonfiction) Does my work include any historical or factual inaccuracies?
Am I prepared to market my novel?
What channels (social media, news outlets) will you be using?
Do you have the proper marketing budget set aside?
Which platform has the largest overlap with my target audience?

These questions can be used to guide your decision making throughout the course of your literary development. From first draft to final copy, the feedback you receive from 1000's of Helpfull pollsters is going to have a major positive impact on how you work.

When it comes to designing your survey, we have several pre-made templates as well as guides on offer to help you through the survey creation process. Helpfull’s modular surveying platform also allows writers to develop their tests from the ground up.

Whenever you’re developing survey questions, be sure to use the tips from these helpful articles and guides; these are here to help prevent you from wasting valuable time and money on ineffective tests.

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