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Oftentimes the best website copy is created when writers integrate their audiences into the design process

Digital surveying allows content creators to directly involve their fans and readers into the creative process; by gathering feedback from your target audiences on the merits of your content, you can develop effective website copy.
Knowing who you’re selling to and what your audience enjoys is crucial to the success of your website’s copy. If you can’t answer these questions, then you’ll need to survey your customers and gather feedback a content testing tool.

The insights given by your audiences often have a profound impact on the quality of your creations. And it only makes sense; testing your designs and tailoring them to the tastes of your audience is going to reliably improve their effectiveness.

When you survey your audiences, we are gathering valuable data; data that can be used to develop powerful improvements to your copy. One example is gathering demographic data from your audiences.

With Helpfull, users can choose to refine their audiences along the lines of shared demographic traits such as:

Relationship Status
Number of Children
Sexual Orientation
Political Affiliation
Mobile Phone Manufacturer
Income Level
Social Media Usage

Segmenting your audiences makes it easier for you to gauge the size of your respective markets, thereby allowing you to determine which segments are the most attractive for your business.

Targeting these consumer groups with a short but carefully crafted survey can help to you:

Gather new content ideas
Refine your existing copy
Develop relationships with your audiences

No matter who your audience is, or what their taste in media looks like - the Helpfull community has you covered.

Our diverse community is composed of thousands of unique individuals all across the United States. Hundreds of real people are waiting and eager to give you feedback on your latest work.

Don’t leave them out of your creative process - get some help!

Writing copy that sells

Your webpage is only as good as the copy it features.

In this digital age - where thousands of news aggregates, content creators, and other online distractions compete for your reader’s limited time and attention span - it has never been more vital to ensure your website features high-quality content. Content that will keep your readers coming back for more.

Content testing allows marketers, copywriters, and digital designers to test the suitability of their content with a targeted audience. Your audiences.

The survey as testing tools help you to examine for things like: how appropriate the content is for this audience, consumer sentiment, the efficacy of our messaging, and other helpful metrics. You can use this data to create the best kind of content - the content your audiences crave.

Headline testing

Never underestimate the importance of your content headlines.

A headline should always be more than just the sum of its parts. On average, internet users are likely to pay only 3 seconds considering any digital proposal that comes across their screen: video links, unread emails, and especially article headlines. Leverage the content testing tool for your headline testing to find out the relevancy of your headlines and derive the suggestions for the required changes to be made in your content. 

What to test when writing copy for websites

Digital surveys are the tools you use to gather invaluable research data from your target audiences.

With a captive audience of thousands at your side - ready to give you their measured feedback on your copywriting solutions - you can improve upon several of the key elements of your copy.

User Experience

User experience (UX) describes how your consumers view your copy, the interactions they have with your webpage, and the interactions they have with your business. The perceptions and emotions of your customers matter tremendously. Keeping in the good graces of your audiences will influence their likelihood of reading and promoting your copy.


Ensuring all readers have easy access to your product content is crucial to the success of your webpage. Testing your copy and your website design with your readers before you go live can help us. Surveying allows you to identify any inadequacies with the way you currently present your copy.

User Experience

It’s not enough that your readers can simply access your content; you have to make sure the copy flows, and remains engaging. While you should generally avoid incorporating excessive jargon or technical verbiage into your copy, writing for some audiences necessitates complexity. If you’re unsure of how well your copy reads, test your audiences. Gathering new opinions on your copy helps keep your work concise and interesting. With our online surveys as a tool for content testing, you can collect data very quickly. You can target specific demographics or groups of people based on their interests or other criteria.


The call to action is one of the most integral pieces of your content. Even if you don’t have a product or service to sell, you absolutely have a newsletter or donation link you should be asking your readers to consider.Surveying your readers is the best way for us to determine which of your CTA designs will effectively persuade your readers to join your cause.

Test your copy now!

A simple survey could be all that stands between your company and the renewed success of it’s online marketing efforts; that’s why an intuitive user-interface - coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes - are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any artist, designer, marketer, or inquisitive spirit. It is the tool that enables you to determine which parts of your content resonate most with your target audience. You can measure the results and determine if any changes need to be made to improve the results.

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Perform copy split tests to determine the best content

A/B testing - otherwise known as split testing or split decision testing - allows users to quickly test the merits of their content.

Developing content following strict deadlines and a high rate of content output can leave writers with very little time to conduct research for their articles. Surveying to review content - on top of doing the research for the content itself - may sometimes seem like too much to bear.

Helpful online surveys can be used as a great tool for split testing design creativity. Surveys as A/B testing tools are also a great way to gather honest feedback from 100Os of pollsters. You can use this information to make a data-driven decision.

With instant surveying, writers and content creators can gather immediate feedback on their creative designs.

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